Welcome to the official Club lotto website for Pearse Og GAC, Armagh.  The club Lotto operates on a weekly basis and plays a huge part in the development of our club.  The online Lotto allows members to participate, no matter where in the world they may be. We encourage all our members and club community, at home and abroad, to support Pearse Og.  It also allows our local members to enter the draw from the comfort of their home on any computer or smartphone.


You can now enter online for up to a year in advance and never miss out on your lucky numbers coming up!  You will receive the Lotto Results and Club Newsletter by email after each draw has taken place.

How to Play The first time you enter you will be required to register your details, including name, address and selected payment type.

Thereafter the process is very simple.

Payment options (with other options in between)  

•Minimum £10 = 10 weeks  

•Maximum £50 = 52 weeks  


Select 4 numbers between 1 – 28.  

Match 4 numbers win/share the Jackpot  

Match 3 numbers win £10




Please forward this email message and link to anyone who, like yourself, may wish to support Pearse Og GAC.  You can also help us promote, after you have purchase, you can publish the fact to your facebook account!

Your continued support is much appreciated and we wish you good luck in future draws.


Best of Luck, Pearse Og GAC Lotto Committee

 To enter the next draw, please click on the following link :